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  1. HaouJudai6 3d 9h ago

    I'd love to know more about the maidens & their purpose even the sliver eyes warriors. Hbu?

  2. HaouJudai6 3d 12h ago

    Just Salem wonder more about her new powers & all.

  3. HaouJudai6 3d 12h ago

    True and I have feeling they'll click but Neo can still whoop them

  4. HaouJudai6 4d 4h ago

    It's never the smart play you use your intelligence & even clairvoyance to win. Neo can beat all of Team RWBY

  5. HaouJudai6 4d 7h ago

    Yup and well Yang was outta her league in that fight tbh.

  6. HaouJudai6 4d 8h ago

    Yup and Neo is strong af love that. Just Blake used to be number one waifu to me just Weiss is better to me.

  7. HaouJudai6 4d 8h ago

    Same and the stuck phase was annoying. I want to know more about Raven myself since she made Neo run with one strike.

  8. HaouJudai6 4d 8h ago

    Yeah and I well am Weiss & Yang lover as top chaarcters. Yang's songs have the perfect line. I"M A SUPER SAIYAN. ^^

  9. HaouJudai6 4d 9h ago

    On that I agree it was good before. I'm obessed with RWBY now

  10. gadisitugirl 1wk 0d ago

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by gadisitugirl

    Quote by MisaSasekage
    It has to get really, really bad for students to get school off here. It's ridiculous sometimes.

    Woa.. :( strict rules

    Ikr? It's crazy dumb.

    Yeah... :(
    Is the school giving more homework in summer or winter?

    Not really, but for some yeah I think so...

    I see.. XD I thought when there are break or holiday, there will be more homeworks

  11. HaouJudai6 1wk 2d ago

    Finally fairy tail is done is 10 chapter the trash it has become will end

  12. Alenas Retired Moderator 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Alenas Rofl, periods are a bitch hahaha.

    Lmao, true enough. The scan's a bit weird, then again I don't know shit about the game, but most VN's are weird in one way or another xD The character designs themselves are pretty as hell tho ^^

    I don't know anything about it either but yeh, it's weird af lol. But I agree that Sugina Miki does very nice art. xD

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