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  1. HaouJudai6 2d 5h ago

    Indeed that would be terrible to see again.

  2. HaouJudai6 2d 6h ago

    I do hope that doesn't come to pass..

  3. HaouJudai6 2d 6h ago

    Well all the episodes are flashbacks which is interesting concept.

  4. HaouJudai6 2d 6h ago

    I agree and Boruto has my intriqued with his Byakgan.

  5. HaouJudai6 2d 6h ago

    That would be cool and the OP song is alright so far for Boruto. They're so milking this ...

  6. HaouJudai6 2d 6h ago

    Yup it's good point of Boruto so far she really gets on Shikamaru/Shikadai. ^^

  7. HaouJudai6 2d 7h ago

    Yup examaple Shikadai is just Shikamaru. Although I enjoy Temari in Boruto. Metal Lee taijutu/weapons so obivous who his parents are.

  8. HaouJudai6 2d 7h ago

    To me I think so it's copy and paste of old generation is all.

  9. HaouJudai6 2d 20h ago

    Boruto has potential but it's failing so far badly

  10. Steffi1690 Elite Member 1wk 0d ago


  11. moritz 1wk 2d ago

    Hi Misa !
    Thanks for creating the tags so quickly. It helps ^_^

  12. HaouJudai6 2wk 1d ago

    I agree and he's dope character wise. Damn iron blood orphans ended good series.

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