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  1. shirayuki-san 2wk 6d ago

    Thank you so much for the favs!
    And Happy New Year! :)

  2. moritz 3wk 2d ago

    Happy New Year Misa!


  3. Steffi1690 Moderator 3wk 2d ago

    Wishing you a Happy New Year 2019! :)

  4. moritz 4wk 1d ago

    I wish you a Merry Christmas Misa !


  5. moritz 4wk 4d ago

    Hi Misa ! I hope you're doing fine. No Christmas colours on MT this year?

  6. Korra 15wk 3d ago

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Korra Misa is ignoring me -,-

    Spamming me is not the way to get a response from me or anybody else.

    Smtms some people don't notice updates because of their frequency. I asked you a question cause youre administrator. Only one offer and you would not have seen my posts on your wall. I know you've been condescending before, but things are changing.

  7. Korra 15wk 3d ago

    Misa is ignoring me -,-

  8. Korra 15wk 3d ago


  9. Korra 15wk 4d ago

    Is it REALLY to create MT app ?

  10. moritz 28wk 3d ago

    Hi Misa ! Thanks for your favs on my Kakegurui scans. I'm not a gambler but this series is really amazing

  11. Steffi1690 Moderator 36wk 3d ago


  12. Ghandy 37wk 3d ago

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Ghandy

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Quote by Ghandy So out of curiosity why you modify the original size of files
    It's very easy to tell where these files are

    Simple, where I downloaded the artbook from they were all PNGs files, we can only upload JPEGs here on this site. The PNGs had to be converted & the PNGs will ALWAYS be bigger file size wise than JPEGs. The site you linked above only had the smaller JPEG version of the artbook.

    Because I believe you. Prove this fact by providing a link to the roster you have downloaded from.

    There's a bunch of sites like yande.re. Like you said to me in my GB yesterday:

    Quote: It's very easy to tell where these files are

    so how about you actually look for these things; like anybody else who posts does, instead of harassing/demanding them or begging for things.

    As you can see, some people can not be reached.
    First of all: stop misusing statements about Harassment. And the more on the question of the word He begged. For nothing more about the MK, as you can see from your statement, I did not beging.
    After 2g: I am not afraid to present from what source I add files as seen in my previous post.
    After 3rd: I am not addicted to posting scans to appear on this site as it is the case of some people, not mentioning raising the daily limit of scans added from 25 to over 100 because it was like seeing for some 25 a day that was not enough. And I do not refer to this issue only to ordinary users, but only to moderators.
    And stop quitting because you're a moderator because I'm not interested in your source to use them only to check how much a reliable person you are. And so far this number is 0.

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